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London Preview

Prelude: A couple of years ago, I took a renewed interest in Evanescence for some reason. I remembered one of my co-workers had played something similar for me well before that. This led me to Pandora, to find similar music. Feed it a song and build a station of similar music. The end result of this is that most of the time I find myself listening to “symphonic metal”. My personal interpretation of this is rock with a female lead. :P

One of the bands I grew to especially like is Within Temptation. Like much of this genre, they hail from Europe, specifically the Netherlands. Late last year I learned their tour would bring them to the UK (English-speaking country!). A huge bonus was that they were touring with Delain, another Dutch band I like. It’s very rare for me to hear of a concert where I like both acts.

I happened to have alot of air and hotel points I wanted to burn. What to do? The short version is that after much agonizing, I decided to go the April concert in London, even though it meant traveling alone. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, I was only able to stay for a few days. But it was a very awesome few days. I’ll finally be posting about it over the next few weeks.


Sunset over the Atlantic


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