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Base of Park City Resort

Base of Park City Resort

At the beginning of the year, we had to decide where to go for our annual snowboarding trip. California was out of the question with so little snow. In fact, not many places were getting much of the white stuff. I agonized for some time between Park City, Utah and Mount Tremblant, Quebec. PC is expensive but close. Tremblant would be very cool (too cold maybe). In the end, we went for PC.


Lodging in PC is expensive. After tons of research, I settled on Sweetwater Lift Lodge since it was relatively inexpensive and was right next to the mountain. Be careful booking it and getting there; there are 2 places called Lift Lodge and even Sweetwater has different names listed. At the end of February, we took an uneventful Southwest flight to Salt Lake City. As we did for our previous stay in Utah, we used Canyon Transportation to shuttle us to and from the lodge. It was a long wait after arrival until we got a shuttle. The driver from the airport was very good, but I can’t say the same for the return trip.


Our room was a 1 bedroom, meaning separate from the living area. It was actually quite large; maybe the size of my apartment. We used the gas fireplace quite a bit. That’s starting to become a must have. The location left something to be desired, though. While the map shows it is right where the slopes are, you can’t get there directly by just walking out the door. You have to walk all the way around the building. According to Google Earth, this means a 1/4 mile walk to the slopes! Not much fun when carrying your snowboard. The sauna was very nice, as was the outdoor pool, but I wouldn’t stay here again due to the walk.

Lunch at Summit House (9250 feet)

Lunch at Summit House (9250 feet)

The rest of the trip was par for the course. Ski, eat, Doris got sick, ski, eat. Although to be fair, Doris probably got sick before we left since she was starting to feel under the weather the day we left, but it was just a mild cold. It’s been so long since the trip (almost 6 months), the actual trip details are a bit fuzzy. The mountain itself was good, though probably at my limits. But I’m still improving, which makes me happy. I can safely say that is one of the most beautiful, if not the best, snow area we’ve been to. Whistler is probably the only place that compares.


On one of the days Doris was feeling less well, we went downtown to see what all the fuss was about. After all, the Sundance Film Festival is held here. We walked to the bus stop and took the free shuttle to downtown. PC has an extensive free public transit system. A short walk brought us to Main Street.

Main Street, Park City

Main Street, Park City

Not that exciting is it? I would say it’s like a much nicer version of Breckenridge. We walked up and down the street without seeing much of interest. I did find the town lift which does in fact run right into town.

Park City Town Lift

Park City Town Lift

After lunch, we rode back and I saw my only bird – a Magpie! I’ve only seen these once before. That was 7 years ago when we went to Snowbird, UT.



We also spent some time at the outdoor skating rink. although not actually skating. It wasn’t that popular. Probably does better during holidays and weekends. We amused ourselves for quite awhile trying to figure where the Zamboni came from.


Food is difficult to remember. But I do remember eating at both the Legacy Cafe and Silver Moon Pizzeria twice. We had a 50% success rate at both.


And that’s all for this trip. There’s a few more photos in the gallery. We actually stayed one night less than usual due to the high cost and we didn’t really see a need to stay that long. I also wanted to save my vacation days for a possible future trip. Next year, I don’t know where we’ll be. I keep wondering if each year will be the last, but so far we keep going. Maybe we shouldn’t stop. If these droughts keep up, it may not be possible to go skiing someday…

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