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Pedernales Falls – Fall Foliage

(Yes, I’m skipping around.)

My Galveston trip was booked for a week, but I didn’t foresee needing that much time. Plus I wanted to come back for some fall foliage photos at Lost Maples if possible, or Pedernales if all else failed. The Lost Maples report was not promising and an arctic cold front was coming in Thursday night. That would mean unpleasant conditions for visiting Lost Maples on Friday. So I headed back on Wednesday and drove to Pedernales on Thursday. It was a nice, if somewhat humid, 80F. On Friday we only reached 40F.


Twin Falls

First was Twin Falls, which I had last photographed in November 2007. Actually, I did go in 2008, but it was poor color and there was no water in the falls. For some reason, I always have a difficult time finding the overlook, despite the fact that the trail is only 1/4 mile. The color was very good this year (for Texas) and plenty of rain meant the falls was much more impressive this year. The photo above is the best of my attempts so far. I had the overlook all to myself and stayed here for some time. I even used my tripod!


Afterwards, I did some light exploring. Normally I visit the river at Swimming Area Trail, but this time I took Trammell’s Crossing Trail, which I had never walked. Most of the color is the Bald Cypress trees along the river and that’s mostly a rusty red; not very vibrant.


I walked down to the river crossing and took some photos. I planted the camera and the tripod in the middle of the crossing, which is just a few inches deep. This is where I relearned that, yes, my hiking boots are waterproof. I was quite pleased with myself.


That was all the time I had since it was past lunchtime and I wanted to avoid rush hour (which I failed at). On the way out, I could not help but stop at the bird blinds. I hung around for maybe 10 minutes, not seeing a single bird. It’s vey possible this was due to the complete lack of any food. Perhaps food is only provided on the weekends. Something to keep in mind. My exit strategy was good, since it started pouring down rain shortly after I left. The drive back to Abilene the following week not particularly colorful. The leaves were past peak, likely because of Thanksgiving falling so late this year.


So, nothing great this year. Fall foliage is difficult to obtain in Texas because the cold weather required for change is often accompanied by high winds which blow the leaves off the trees. The best colors I saw were actually random trees in Austin on the drive to Pedernales. Sometimes it’s best to stay home. I believe I am done attempting to capture color at Pedernales. It’s worth the trip to go to the Lost Maples area instead.


Still nice to get out, though. And you never what you’ll find on the trails.



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