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Thanksgiving sightings, take 2

December 8, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Rather than edit the previous post, I decided to just create a new one. While going through the somewhat painful process of filling out an eBird report for the Arboreteum pond, I “discovered” 2 other ducks. This does at least force me to be thorough.

One is a Ring-necked Duck, my first. This is particularly sad since I actually did focus on it when I took the photo so I could figure out what it was later. Not the greatest photo (ISO 6400), but good enough for identification.

RIng-necked Duck

Also present was a Muscovy Duck (domestic) and some American Pekin Ducks, which is also domestic (ie, food). Either all these domestic waterfowl are escaping or people use this pond as a dumping ground for birds they don’t want.

Something I forgot to mention  with the 2.0x extender. Most DSLR’s will only focus with an aperature of 5.6 or lower. Lenses higher than this won’t focus. I had always assumed this meant the camera would try to autofocus, but it wasn’t guaranteed. However, it actually does mean the camera will not focus. When combined with the 300 f/4, you get a combination of 600 f/8. My 6D automatically showed a Manual Focus indicator and was a bit confused at first. However, you can still focus using LiveView (the LCD screen). That’s disappointing, but anything I am using a 2x on will likely not be moving, so manual or LiveView focus should be acceptable.

Side note: I am making good progress on my photos for the past few months, at least for now. I have 13 posts planned, most of which are already partially written.

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