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A word on the impending doom of iGoogle and Reader

iGoogle will be no more on November 1. This used to be my home page, but no more. I’ve looked around and have not found anything to replace it. Everything is too complicated or too unfriendly. I was hoping to have a suggestion for a replacement, but I have none. I have already stopped using it.

Reader, which I can’t live without, ends tomorrow. Here, there are quite a few options, finally. Several sites just got their solutions up and running in the past couple of weeks. The solution will be dependent upon how you read your RSS feeds. If you are happy to read all your news in a web browser, just search and you will find several solutions, some free.

I read my RSS feeds almost exclusively on the iPad (but still plan on moving to an Android tablet to go with my Android phone). So I need a service that can be accessed through an app. For now, I am trying The Old Reader, which is free. You can login with your Google account (or other) but if you want to access your account through a mobile app, you will need to create a username and password. Other options are available.

I want to read articles with a dark background, especially at night. I tried several apps on the iPad and Feeddler was the only that really gets all interface aspects. I’ve been using it for awhile. A paid version is available for $5. If I planned on sticking to iOS I would definitely pay this. Unfortunately Feeddler is not available for Android. So this is probably a temporary solution. Yes, I did try Feedly, but I thought the app was terrible. Along with all the other RSS apps.

So this is my current solution. I am unwilling to pay for anything until I see how things work out. I have no objection to paying for this service in the end. Running a web site for free is usually not easy, especially with the volume of traffic we are talking about here. The discontinuation of these two services has left me completely distrustful of Google. I have no interest in any of their new services as I have no idea how long it will be until they get discontinued.

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