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Pedernales Falls SP – Apr 2013

Bewick's Wren

We finally made it out for our first birding foray of the year; can you believe it? Despite the cooler temperatures this year, the Pedernales Falls State Park birding population looked like summer was already here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many hummingbirds.

Black-chinned Hummingbird (female)

Probably a couple dozen from both blinds combined. The feeders were out early too, so that had something to do with it. Related, the butterfly garden has expanded and a door has been added to one of the two entrances to the newer blind. Bird food was sparse, though, particularly at the old blind. Not sure if they hadn’t been fed lately or if the large squirrel party going on had eaten most of it.

Carolina Wren

The other early sighting was a male Painted Bunting in full colors. Other than that, there was nothing of interest; just the usual suspects.

Painted Bunting (male)

Orange-crowned Warbler

We took advantage of the spring and headed down the stairs to the nearby river access point. Here the wildflowers were strutting their stuff. This has been a poor season for wildflowers, at least in the city. Bluebonnets are almost non-existent along my commute and by the office. So it was great being able to enjoy the color at Pedernales.


I got several photos I am pleased with. As always seems to happen when taking flower photos, alot of them have insects in the photos. I honestly don’t seem them half the time, until I get home and view on the computer.


I’ve posted a few photos here, but please visit the gallery for more. I am trying something different this time, too. I’ve always put photos into specific galleries. This makes for alot of mouse movement between galleries when uploading and creating blog posts. Now I created a gallery specifically for this outing. I can then put virtual copies of these photos in the proper galleries. This should make it easier on me and it is easier on you to see photos for this particular day.



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