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Lightroom’s default camera profile for my Canon 60D is wrong

I mentioned before that I was having an issue with Lightroom displaying the correct colors. Specifically orange was coming out as orange-red. I spent awhile messing with my monitor calibration but that didn’t help. I resorted to turning back on all the panels in LR’s Develop module. Finally, one caught my eye: Camera Calibration. It was set to Adobe Standard. Thinking this might be AdobeRGB (I want sRGB), I clicked on it. Behold, profiles named the same as Canon’s: Faithful, Landscape, Neutral, Portrait, and Standard.

Selecting Neutral yield a much more orange-like color. The Red Primary Hue and Saturation still needed to be increased, but it was much better. I will need to play with this and match it to my SmugMug Calibration Print and make the settings default. I’m pretty annoyed, though. It shouldn’t be this hard. Since my Camera is set to Neutral, I wish LR would pick up on that and select it for me.

Someday I will get around to writing a page on how to deal with LR. For the most part it is still better than DPP, but it’s more complicated than it should be sometimes.

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