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Winter update

Winter seems to be over. This looks to be our last week of temperatures in the 30’s. We had a few freezing nights and a fair amount of rain, but no combination of the two to produce snow or ice. It only snows here about once every two years, so no surprise there.

I’ve been fairly busy of late. Working backwards, we just got back from our annual snowboarding trip. We spent 5 nights in Squaw Valley. Big winter storm in the middle of the week gave us some great conditions. I’ll have a trip report later this month. Before that I was out sick, so that really sidetracked me.

Other than our trip, I haven’t done any photography. Not really feeling the urge of late, and I’ve been spending my time on other interests. I do have one more set of photos from a Cars and Coffee I went to a few months ago that I still need to process. I should be going to Hornsby, as there are two new winter residents: Vermilion Flycatcher and a Buff-bellied Hummingbird. They’ve been reliably spotted, but I just can’t bring myself to go down there. I would much rather go to Pedernales, which smells nicer…. I may have missed my chance. Apparently some fires broke out this month and the site has been closed off for now, likely for the month.

I might get out to Pedernales this month. I’m still putting off my 6D purchase. It is difficult to justify buying a new camera when I’m not going out much. Price has dropped a few hundred since it’s release 3 months ago; I am happy about that!

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