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Abilene State Park

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Update: Picture found!

I am finally starting to catch up on things. We’ll start with my Thanksgiving visit to the Abilene State Park. Southwest of Abilene, it is not exactly on my way home, so I have been avoiding a visit for quite awhile. Actually I hadn’t been to the park since the 80’s. The bird blind is a relatively recent addition. The weather was absolutely perfect so it seemed like a great time to check out the birds.

When looking at the map, you’ll notice that unlike Pedernales, there is no parking next to the blind. Go a bit further down the road and there is a parking lot by the Elm Creek Nature Trail. From here you can walk back to the blind, parallel to the campsites. There’s a mini-trail so you don’t have to walk on the road. It’s about a short walk.

American Goldfinch (winter male)

American Goldfinch (winter male)

I don’t seem to have any photos of the actual blind itself, so we’ll have to get by on words alone. It is rather small, especially compared with Pedernales. It reminds me of the blind at Lost Maples, but Abilene’s is better. There is a sliding window in one of the corners so I used that to poke my lens through. I’m certain the birds could see me since there’s no cover, but they didn’t seem to mind.

Cell phone photo of bird blind.

Cell phone photo of bird blind.

The lighting was fine while I was there, but I could definitely see it being a problem at certain times of the day. The bird area is surrounded by trees, so there may be a risk of shadows early or late in the day. The winter south sun worked quite well for me though.

Pine Siskin

The bird area is also small, but this is a good for me, as it keeps the action close. Such as it was. I waited at least 20 minutes around noon before any feathers showed up. I stayed for about an hour with little to show for it. There some Goldfinches, Pine Siskins, mayeb some sparrows, and a couple of cardinals. The Pine Siskin was exciting. I rarely see those, and this might be my first photo. There are some ‘natural’ areas for the birds, but most of it is not, if you are interested. The birds seem particularly interested in hanging around the cages. In the shadows. I wonder if the cages are to keep the larger birds and squirrels out of the bird food…

Also amused myself taking photos of the Red Admirals.

Red Admiral

Red Admiral

On the way back, I saw dozens of American Robins in Buffalo Gap. They were just standing around, looking pretty clueless. They didn’t mind me at all walking around and taking photos. However, I was running late and I knew I had good Robin photos already, so I did not linger.

American Robin

American Robin

I also stopped at Lake Abilene to look for anything of interest, but the gates were closed. All in all, it was not a terribly productive trip, but it was nice seeing the park again. I think it has good potential for autumn photos as well.

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  1. January 16, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    Great siskin photo, you’ve captured the yellow edging on its wings well!

  2. January 16, 2013 at 10:45 pm

    Thanks Gillian. I’m pretty happy with that one, too.

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