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Pedernales Falls – Sept. 9

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The trek down to Pedernales was a bit slower than usual with 290 STILL under construction. Our first find was in one of the trees by the park office. A yellow bird was perched near the top and yellow is always eye-catching. I didn’t have my camera since I had been busy getting a new Park Pass, but Doris snapped this photo from afar. I believe it’s either a Great-crested Flycatcher or a Brown-Crested Flycatcher. I am leaning towards the former. Either way, it’s our first!

Great-crested Flycatcher

The blinds were relatively quiet, bird-wise. Lots of Northern Cardinals and Western Scrub Jays. A few goldfinches, sparrows, and House Finches. There were still a couple of hummingbirds hanging around.

Northern Cardinal (male)

There was one uncommon bird. I think it was a Summer Tanager. It’s the closest match I’ve found and it was reported earlier. She stayed up in the tree at the south blind, so it was difficult to get a good shot. This would be the second one I’ve seen, but neither match the shape shown in the bird books.

Summer Tanger (female)

The butterfly garden was very active and it’s really done well this year. Although I did have my tripod with me, the butterflies were not cooperative and flitted around like crazy. Here’s a couple.

Gulf Fritillary

Spicebush Swallowtail

Normally, our resident Gray Fox is the most exciting wildlife in the blind, but this time we had a newcomer. A Desert Cottontail! Probably the first good view I’ve had of a rabbit in daylight. Surprisingly, the fox did not go after the bunny even though they showed up within seconds of each other.

Desert Cottontail

It’s been pouring down rain most of today, so we stayed home. We’ll likely head out again next weekend. According to Pedernales’ Facebook page, the leaves might already be changing colors. This is very early in the season, but we’re seeing some color change here, too, and leaves area already starting to fall.


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