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Prehistoric Hornsby

In an attempt to return to a normal life, I went out birding a couple of weekends ago. Originally I had planned on driving to Pedernales, but it was such a cool morning after the previous night’s storm, I found myself at Hornsby Bend instead. Unsurprisingly for August, it was very quiet. First I drove along Platt Lane. Numerous Scissor-tailed Flycatchers and Western Kingbirds, most immature, were perched on the fences and powerlines. They were a good distance away, so while I’m not uploading anything to my site, I do quite like the composition on this shot. I actually did this on purpose too!

Back at the ponds, there was little to see. A couple of Shovelers, some Killdeer, lots of turtles. The water levels are still quite high, which I think is deterring the shorebirds. I assume this is due to the actual rain we’ve had this summer. The one thing present in large quantities were dragonflies. The place was overrun with them! This combined with the overgrown roads gave the area a very preshistoric feel. I ran into one photographer who was attempting photos, but he said they weren’t perching well. I believe that. I watched for awhile and they just fly around nonstop. With nothing else to shoot, I did a couple of decent photos. As I didn’t have my tripod, these were handheld.

On my way home I made the now usual stop at the Walnut Creek Treatment Plant. Very empty. A few Egrets, one Green Heron, and one Great Blue Heron. No point in sticking around.

The highlight of the day was actually found at home. Crawling around my balcony was a bat! I went outside and took a couple of photos from afar. I assume it is a Mexican Free-tailed Bat, since there are millions in the area. Being a bat looks very difficult, with your feet attached to your wings!

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  1. September 8, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Nice images. Hornsby is a great place to make dragonfly images. I made a trip out there earlier this summer and had a blast.

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