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More musings

Meant to ramble on in the previous post, but, um, forgot. I obviously still haven’t upgraded from my 40D. Original plan was to get a 5D Mark II for my primary camera and a refurbished 60D as a backup. However, I recently started following the Canon Rumors site and it seems likely that a new, entry-level full-frame camera will be announced this fall. This would be great; to have a new sensor and new autofocus. Basically the meat of the Mark III without all the ‘fluff’ that I don’t need and made it so expensive. I would still like to get a 60D before my fall vacation, though.

The other item I am looking for is a good, high-resolution 27″ monitor that doesn’t have an aggressive anti-glare coating. This didn’t take long, as there are only about 3 high-resolution monitors under $1000. I’ve read 2 of them have a strong coating, 1 of which I have confirmed at Fry’s. The other is the Apple display but it is glossy (think reflections) and $1000. Yikes. My current monitor has a strong coating and I intensely dislike it so I don’t want to make that mistake again. Most people won’t notice it, but I’m not that lucky. I really only notice it while working on my photos, but that’s when it matters. Looks like no upgrading for a long while.

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