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Austin Cars and Coffee

Time for the non-nature post. I’ve mentioned Austin Cars and Coffee a couple of times. C&C is a global event, though I believe each city is responsible for its own show. I have been meaning to go for the longest time, but could never make it happen. Truth be told, I was ‘worried’ that there would only be a handful of cars. Thankfully I was wrong. My first visit was in March. I later learned this was the largest turnout ever! What good luck!

The concept is: bring your car. Yup, that’s it. Anything. There’s no rules, no organization, nothing. Just show up the first Sunday of the month from 11-2. Timing is a bit tricky. The first time, I got there around 12-12:30 and some of the cars were already leaving. I think most everyone had started to pack up around 1.

Regarding photos, everything was processed with Lightroom 4.1 (trial). It went well, but I am still not happy with the sharpening. Cars have lots of lines, and sharpening is turning them into jaggies. I don’t recall having this problem with Neat Image, which also includes an option to smooth lines. Anyway, bring a wide-angle lens. I did not post photos of cars that had license plates. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do that in Lightroom and it’s certainly not something I want to spend my time on.

You do have to remember this is Austin; we don’t have near the number of exotics as, say, California. A good chunk of the show consists of modern-day Corvettes, Mustangs, and Camaros. Not really a bad thing, though the Camaro is not my cup of tea.

Quite a few of these cars are unknown to me, besides basic make and model. Figuring out a year would be very time-consuming. Maybe someday I will have them all identified. Enjoy!

Surprise, still here! If you are looking through the gallery of photos and see something wrong or not captioned, please leave a comment if you know what it is. I have a giant book of American autos, but it would still take me forever to look these things up.

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