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SeaWorld San Antonio

After living in Austin for the longest time, we finally made a trip in early May to SeaWorld, 1.5 hours south of here. We spent an award night at Marriott’s Courtyard San Antonio Riverwalk, on Saturday. The location was excellent and this was the first Marriott I’ve actually liked since we started traveling recently. It’s just a minute or two from the main action, which is far enough away to be quiet. I would not pay to stay here though, as it’s rather pricey.

Ruddy Duck (male)

The following Sunday morning we did the quick drive to SeaWorld. It did not seem crowded at all. I think this is because there are always shows going on, so at any given time most of the people are watching something and not wandering around. We actually did not stay very long. It was too hot for me. I guess I’ll have to avoid 90+ degree days until I get this medical issue taken care of. But, there is actually not alot to see. I had already considered this more of a ‘scouting’ mission, to see if we would want to come back (we do). There are surprisingly few animals at SeaWorld. Next time we will try for one or more of the in-depth tours.

Mandarin Duck (male)

The duck pond was very cool and I got several good photos of the ducks (and a pelican). The penguin area was definitely my favorite. Very impressive and much larger than I expected. Way better than the small one we saw in Montreal. Sorry there’s nothing much besides duck photos. Next time I will hopefully be more with the program!

Red-crested Pochard

We spent our second and final night at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch. This is a timeshare resort, but the day rates were very cheap considering what you get, although there is the dreaded $20 resort fee. This place is so nice and relaxing that I would consider staying here instead of the Riverwalk. The only negative was that our studio had an adjoining door to the room next door, which lets in more noise. We didn’t hear anyone besides the cleaning staff, but that was likely just luck.

Brown Pelican

In summary, we’ll be back. I would like to check out the new Aquatica park, too. However, only when it’s cooler!

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