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Another catchup post

Since I have a fair number of photos to plow through from the past few months, it seemed a good time to revive my effort to look at DxO Optics Pro and Lightroom. At first glance, DxO’s seemed simpler. However, it failed my first tries at organization. Simply put, there’s no way to compare photos side-by-side. Granted, Canon’s DPP doesn’t do this either, but I want this feature. So back to LR. Turns out my trial had expired. Boo! Downloaded the 4.1 RC 2 last night. Of course a few hours later they release the final version. Sigh. Anyway, LR does allow comparisons. Also, everytime I switched back and forth between photos and DxO, it seemed to reprocess for a few seconds, which made comparing via the old DPP way impossible. DPP at least caches the last 3 or so photos. LR appears to do at least the same. So I will be working with LR for awhile and see how it goes. For better or worse, it appears to be highly configurable. I just need to spend the time to hide as much as possible to make the software look as simple as possible. Adobe has obviously tried to make it be all things to all people all the time, which greatly complicates the software. For my own software at work, we strip out as much complexity as possible.

A neat article on Learning to See in Black and White.

I’m now following the LensRentals.com blog. I keep running into their posts.

I picked up a new camera bag, the Lowepro Rezo 170 AW. This is to be my walkaround bag when I just have one camera and my standard zoom. It’s smaller than my backpack, but as much as I had hoped. I’m a little unsure as to how practical it is. Will have to try it out.

This Sunday is the Austin Cars and Coffee. I’ve been out of town for the past two. Apparently the one I went to in March was the biggest ever! Hopefully I’ll feel up to going. It’s hard to take photos with all the people wandering around, but I will give it a shot again.

Upcoming posts (someday): March Cars and Coffee, Breckenridge Ski Trip, Seaworld (maybe), May Pedernales trip.

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