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What I’m up to

Currently, I’m trying out Canon’s new DPP software, DxO Optics, and Lightroom 4. While I’ve seen quite a few people happy with DPP update, I am not one of them. The Lens Optimizer is not working well for me. I’ve been using one of my more difficult Scotland photos as a test case. The castle is somewhat dark, with overcast skies. This leads to oodles of chromatic aberration or purple fringing. The new DLO feature is *adding* purple fringing where there was none before. WTH?! Chromatic aberration drives me bonkers and already causes me much grief in DPP. The minimal testing I’ve done with DxO and Lightroom have been much better experiences.

I’m hoping to make a birding trip to Pedernales once this month, but May is going to be busy.

Still thinking about new cameras. I am currently leaning towards getting the 5D Mark II, and a refurbished 60D as a backup. I originally wanted a T2i (550D?) but apparently it doesn’t have much, if any, weather and dust sealing. However, I have no real need for either camera until later this year, so I’m trying to be patient and wait for better prices.

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