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Quick stop at Pedernales

Despite a late start and running some errands, I still went out to Pedernales Falls for a check on the bird blinds. Bird count was very low. Hummingbirds were out in full force, though. I don’t recall seeing them so early in the year before. Maybe because it was so late in the morning, but the new blind was devoid of bird life except a goldfinch and a Cardinal.

There are 3 hummingbird feeders: two at the old blind, one at the new. You will get a better view and photos at the old blind since the feeder at the new one is in the shade. I think I shall start referring to the blinds as North (new) and South (old), since the new vs. old is getting old now. Assuming I have the directions right.

There was one deranged Ladder-backed Woodpecker that was determined to drill a hole through the glass at the old blind. That was a bit annoying :P

Really nothing of interest. Lots of House Finches. Right before I left, a Spotted Towhee showed up, which was the highlight. A couple of lizards, too.

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