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Weekend Roundup

Managed a couple of trips this past weekend. I’m not sure if I’ll post any photos, though. Lots of other stuff going on at the moment.

Sunday morning, I finally went to the Austin Cars and Coffee. Actually in Leander, it’s held the first Sunday of every month. I’ve been meaning to go for a long time, but always missed it. Well, I am glad I went! There were dozens of cars! I’d say half were recent Corvettes, Camaros, and Mustangs with the rest a random mix. It seems like if you want to show your car, you can, as some of the cars were not exactly what you would expect to see. Anyway, I’m looking forward to going back. Although it really makes me want to get a new car now.

Second, we went to the Capital of Texas Zoo. After two visits to the Austin Zoo, I didn’t have high hopes. This one, while still not a ‘real’ zoo, was much more enjoyable. The animals were more interesting and their habitats were much bigger. The staff is nice, too. If you want to visit an Austin zoo, I would definitely recommend the Capital of Texas Zoo over the Austin Zoo. I look forward to checking back in a couple of years and seeing how they’ve grown.

Also, I just discovered I never finished processing my Wood Duck photos, so I’ll try to get those up by this weekend.

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