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Scotland – Day 13: Oban, Inverary, Glasgow

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The final island FERRY crossing brings you to Oban. Then, over the Pass of Brander and from Inveraray to the “Bonnie Banks” of Loch Lomond. Back in Glasgow this afternoon your orientation city tour takes in the fine 12th-century cathedral, imposing university buildings, and elegant Georgian squares. Time for last-minute shopping before enjoying a farewell dinner at your hotel.

Oban Ferry

This was our final day of the tour, sadly. The morning greeted us with a lovely bout of rain as we drove to the ferry.  However, it dried up, so Doris and I spent most of the journey on the deck after exploring the small city that is the MV Isle of Mull (it had a gift shop!).

Passing between the Lighthouse on Lismore and Duart Castle afforded some excellent views. What made it even better were the rainbows. Yes, plural. We were sailing directly into the morning sun in the east, where it usually rises. Behind us to the west, a rain storm was catching up to us. This was already enough to pique our interest as you could see the rain getting closer. Eventually a brilliant rainbow appeared and followed us for quite awhile. It was probably 270 degrees of a full 360 circle. Very cool being able to see both ends start on the water. Then there was a double rainbow! The pictures don’t show it but the colors were vivid and it was a surreal experience.

I took alot of photos, but it is difficult to capture something so wide that is so close. Plus, we eventually were shooting into the rain, and raindrops on the lens don’t work out so well. You can actually see a couple in the above photo. Maybe some day I will revisit the photos and see if I can make something better. The gallery has a couple of photos of the Oban harbor and one of the castles on the way to Inverary.


Inverary is a small town, conveniently located 2 hours from Glasgow, so we took an extended stop here for lunch and touring. Despite the rain, we walked up to Inverary Castle (really a palace). We didn’t go in due to time limits and the cost to get in. The castle is home to Clan Campbell, not exactly one of the most loved clans (there was a particularly nasty incident in 1692).

Walking back to town we explored the some of the shops on the main street, including Loch Fyne Whiskies. If you like whisky, this is where you should go. The selection was astounding.


The drive to Glasgow was uneventful and we arrived early afternoon. We did a quick tour of the downtown area.

Out hotel was the Radisson Blu. Globus obviously wanted to leave us with a good memory as this hotel was relatively new and much nicer than any other place we had stayed on the tour. We walked around and did some window shopping (couldn’t find what we were looking for) and came back later for the farewell dinner. Surprisingly, most of our companions for the past two weeks had found room to store something nicer to wear. I guess we’ll remember that for next time. Well, maybe.


We left the following morning for Austin. Everything went as planned, though the Heathrow airport is in dire need of modernization. Hopefully the renovations will be complete soon.

Full Gallery

If you’ve actually beared with me over the past few months, you should have gotten the impression of a great tour. It definitely surpassed my expectations. I would recommend it whole-heartedly. The only caveat is that there is not enough time to truly enjoy everything. That would be difficult to do unless the tour was extended by another week or two, though. It is a rather adventurous tour, so being mobile certainly helps if you want to see and do everything, but if not, you will still greatly enjoy it. Thank you Globus.

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  1. yoyo
    March 2, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    I must go back to see what you’ve seen!

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