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Scotland – Day 11: Armadale, Glenfinnan, Tobermory

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Call at the Clan Donald Centre for a visit to its MUSEUM OF THE ISLES and an insight into 13 centuries of clan history before boarding your FERRY at Armadale to sail across the Sound of Sleat. Rejoin the mainland at Mallaig and follow the “Road to the Isles,” passing Glenfinnan. Finally, take the FERRY to the Isle of Mull, where the next two nights are spent.

Clan Donald Centre

This morning was the final one on Skye. Clan Donald Centre is located on the southeast coast of Skye. It is a magnificent estate. Par for the course, the skies were threatening when we arrived. We walked very fast to the Armadale Castle and the morning glow was still present! The Castle was built in the early 1800’s but was abandoned only a century later. Hence, only the facade remains.

The adjacent Sound of Sleat provides some wonderful photo ops. However, morning requires shooting into the sun, which is why you’ll see several silhouette photos. Still quite great, IMHO.

We didn’t look much at the gardens since it was raining and instead took shelter in the Museum of the Isles. This is an excellent museum, maybe my favorite of the tour. Wish we had had more time.  On your way out of the estate, you’ll pass through the gift shop. The web site claims it’s 3 shops, but it seems like 1. And it is HUGE. The largest gift shop I have ever seen.

There is also a bird feeder by the parking. The birds didn’t mind us being right next to them so I got several photos of new birds. Not great ones, since they are so fast. Will post later. We then waited for the ferry at Armadale (literally, down the road). Nothing much to do but take photos.

The ferry ride was short and uneventful. The backlit conditions provided accommodating, amazingly. The following photo took some nudging in DPP. Black and white doesn’t look good unless there is lots of contrast, IMO.


I didn’t realize until recently that I had stopped looking at the guide book and had no idea what we were doing in advance anymore. Just following around…  Today we lunched (or snacked) at Glenfinnan. The most striking feature is obviously the Monument. It was erected in 1815 (coincidentally, the same year the Armadale Castle was built) to mark the location where Bonnie Prince Charlie raised his standard. Now you should certainly visit the monument, but what you absolutely must do is take the trail behind the Visitor Centre up to a ‘scenic overlook’ as we say here. You will be rewarded with possibly the most spectacular view on the tour.

There’s several photos of the same thing, because I couldn’t find the perfect photo. Turning around in the other direction you will see the Glenfinnan Viaduct. A beautifully set railway viaduct, it is most famous for being in the Harry Potter films. Actually, before we got to Glenfinnan, we saw several people with cameras and film cameras waiting for the train to pass, earlier up the track.


We did re-arrange this. Tobermory was supposed to be the following day. It is small town on the coast. What was quite unexpected was the building colors. They were brightly colored, like you would see in the Netherlands or Curaçao. It made for a very impressive panorama. The picture in my gallery looks small, because it is so wide. But it is quite large and sharp since I zoomed in to make the panorama. Although I did have to shrink it to about 10000×1300 to fit on SmuMug, the actual photo is almost twice that size!

This is also home to the Tobermory Distillery. Picked up a couple of samples and a cool map of all of the Scottish distilleries.

Full Gallery

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