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Scotland Day 9 – Ullapool

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A day to sit back and enjoy the breathtakingly wild and unspoiled scenery, some of the finest in Britain. The northern coast is lined with miles of yellow sandy beaches and pretty estuaries, and the hills and mountains take on a purple hue as the summer progresses. This is Scotland at its best! Make a lunch stop in the quaint fishing port of Ullapool. Later, an early evening arrival on the Inner Hebridean Isle of Skye.

North Coast

I think we were both rather tired after yesterday’s journey. Happy to sit in the coach and enjoy the scenery. Well, sort of. It was so beautiful I spent alot of time taking photos. Now, pictures through glass in a moving vehicle don’t usually turn out well. Be aware of that when looking through the gallery. Pretty much anything shot at ISO 400 was from inside and won’t print well above 8×10. Most photos are not captioned, because I don’t know where we were. However, one came out extremely well. I think I will print it. It may very well be my favorite photo from the trip:

Smoo Cave

A couple of hours in, we stopped at Smoo Cave for a break. Doris and I just walked around the area, but did not go in the cave. From the pictures I’ve seen, I now know we should have taken the time to go in. Ah well. Below is a photo of the water that flows into the cave. Apparently if you are inside, it’s a very impressive waterfall, particulary when the sun is out.


For lunch, we stopped at the small harbor town of Ullapool. It is beautifully picturesque. The weather was great, the air clean, and I had one of my top two fish and chips experiences here (the other being in Whistler, Canada). The main restaurant was very crowded so we walked a tiny bit down the road to Seefresh Foods. We got take-away and ate on a bench by the harbor and watched the seagulls. Perfect!

West Coast

Back on the road again. We made one stop overlooking a large body of water, but I could not tell you where it was.

Isle of Skye

The first thing you’ll see upon approaching the Isle of Skye is the striking Skye Bridge. Opened in 1995, it was hugely unpopular with the locals. Previously, they rarely paid the ferry fee, but were now forced to pay a toll. This fight went on for 10 years, and in late 2004, the government purchased the bridge from the operating company and ceased charging a toll.

Oh, the hotel… Not many choices for a group of our size. So Dunollie Hotel is where we found ourselves. This is what John had warned us about. Make no mistake, the hotel is in serious disrepair and desparately needs to be upgraded (or rebuilt from the ground up). Most uncomfortable bed I had ever slept on, too. On the other hand, the staff was wonderfully nice, not to mention amazingly diverse. Good luck getting a drink though, as the bartender was often MIA.

Near Skye

Anyway, Doris and I walked a bit down the road before dinner to see what we could find. Found a few new shorebirds down by the lake, which I will post pictures of later.


Full Gallery

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