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January 10, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I don’t follow the electronics shows with an eagle eye. With respect to cameras, each manufacturer typically announces an obscene number of useless cameras that are no better than the previous generation. I do look for highlights, and this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held at least two significant advantages.

Canon G1 X

Lately, everyone has been jumping on the mirrorless DSLR bandwagon. Canon, it seemed, missed the boat. However, with the new G1 X, they have tossed their hat into the ring. There is one big difference between this and everyone else’s camera: it does not have interchangeable lenses. The lens is a 28-112mm-equivalent. At this point, I was still excited. Until I saw the picture. This thing is not pocketable. That combined with the $800 price tag leaves me wondering. While it will definitely sell, the size and price are holding it back. For $700 or less, you can pick up an entry-level DSLR with better quality. If the G1 X does not fit in your pocket, then why not get something bigger and cheaper? Granted, purse-bearers won’t have this problem. But it remains to see how good the lens is. I am disappointed though.

Fuji X-Pro1

Possibly a more exciting announce is Fuji’s X-Pro1. The sensor has been redesigned to eliminate the need for a low-pass filter! In theory, this means a much sharper image. Fuji is claiming it will even perform better than a full-frame camera. If so, we can only hope this technology will spread out to every other camera. Low-pass filters need to go the way of the dinosaur.

Other News

As Jim pointed out, the Lightroom 4 Beta has been released. This figures, as I had just downloaded the 3.6 trial. I’m also testing DxO Optics Pro 7. I am mainly looking to consolidate my tools. Right now I use 4 tools to process my photos and while it’s quick, it’s annoying. This will become evident once I publish my workflow.

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