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Hornsby Bend – Nov. 13, 2011

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Weather looked decent so took a hop down to Hornsby Bend. Well, not so much. It was pretty cool and very windy this morning. When I left 2 hours later, it was hot, but still very windy. There were a few flies, but no other bugs, so that was good. Something to note is that if you are not a City of Austin employee you are now required to sign in and state your purpose. Needless to say, the sign-in sheet was packed full of birders.

Bird-wise, it was pretty quiet.

  • Probaby a couple hundred starlings out front
  • One fast hawk
  • Numerous Eastern Meadowlarks
  • One Eastern Phoebe
  • What I think was a Lesser Sandpiper
  • Ducks (not many yet)
  • One Armadillo
  • Various sparrows
  • No other shorebirds or waders. Too early in the season.

Because this is not a blind, it’s difficult to sneak up on anything that’s not an armadillo (which was oblivious to me). So I did something I had not done in some time; stack 1.4x teleconverters to make my 300mm a 600mm. I tried autofocus but the birds were still too small and there was not enough light with the thick cloud cover. I only got 2 or 3 decent photos using manual focus; not exactly a productive trip.

Eastern Meadowlark

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