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Pedernales Falls SP – Nov. 5, 2011

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This was a rare Saturday visit. With rain forecast for Sunday and the end of Daylight Savings, this was my last chance to get pictures without having to rise very early. As it happened, I actually got there too early. Half the new blind was still in the shade.  The lighting in the old blind was poor again, but a slight cloud cover helped alot. It’s always worth running back and forth between the two, as you won’t always get the same birds in each. Both blinds were packed full of the usual resident birds, but nothing new for me. Noteworthy were both the Bewick’s and Carolina Wrens and the Spotted Towhee. I also just missed a Cooper’s Hawk in the old blind by a few minutes.

Best picture yet of a Dark-eyed Junco.

I wasn’t very pleased with my photos on the last outing so I tried several different things, which worked out very well. First, I remembered to bring my 1.4x extender. Second, I used my monopod. This is rather unwieldly when shooting through a small hole, but still manageable at this blind. Though I did keep whacking the wall at first. I used my right eye on the viewfinder, rather than the left. This keeps my nose from being pressed against the camera. Similarly, I started moving back a little from the viewfinder so my face doesn’t touch the camera at all. Finally, I didn’t realize I was gripping the camera so tight (causes shake). Not sure if this was due to using a monopod. Of course it also helped that bright sun kept my shutter speeds high.

Carolina Wren

Several other good photos, I won’t post them all. They are in my Small Birds gallery, as always, with the most recent photos listed first. Gotta clean this thing out!

Ok, one more. Just  a sparrow, but an excellent shot:

Chipping Sparrow

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