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Pedernales Falls SP – Oct. 16, 2011

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It had been 4 months since I last went to Pedernales Falls. I don’t go much during the summer due to the heat and the early sunrise, but this year was even hotter and I was much busier. I had planned on meeting Jim the previous weekend out there but we both got rained out.

Black-crested Titmouse

My first surprise was on the way out there. Just past Dripping Springs, a large cloud(s) had settled on the ground. It was very odd. Took a few miles to clear it. At first I thought it was wildfire smoke, but thankfully not. Second, was the bird blind parking lot was almost full. That’s unusual. Very unusual because it was Sunday morning. I purposely avoid Saturday mornings in part due to the groups that come through. But several people left just as I got there. Not having met Jim before, I wasn’t sure I would be able to spot him, but I saw the 60D and 300mm on a tripod and made a rapid and correct deduction :) BTW, Jim’s report is much more thorough than mine. The blind and birds were old hat for me by now. :)

Conditions were, in a word, perfect. Bright sun and moderate temperatures. Could’ve used a very thin cloud cover to reduce shadows, but I won’t complain. I really appreciate the new blind after walking over to the old one. The old one is essentially unuseable now because of the backlighting with the sun behind the birds.

Too bright, even for the fox.

Sightings-wise, there was nothing new for me, just the usual residents. There were several Scrub Jays, however. That is a first for me. I’ve seen at most 2 in the blind before. This day, I saw two before I entered the park and multiple in the blinds and in the trees above. There were a couple of frogs in the pond. Now that was a suprise. A couple of dragonflies teasing them almost became lunch! For the third straight visit, a Gray Fox chowed down as well. I only came away with a few good photos, which I’ve posted here. Gotta relearn how to shoot. Would’ve helped to remember my extender as well!

Northern Cardinal (male)

I wanted to go last weekend as well, but didn’t make it. Nor this weekend. So I’m going to try to head out there on Nov. 6th, weather permitting. Next up will be more Scotland posts!

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