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Horseshoe Bay – July 2011

Back in July, we had the opportunity to spend a few nights at Marriott’s Horseshoe Bay Resort. There’s a fair amount to do, though not alot for us, since we aren’t into golf or water stuff. We did enjoy the tennis courts and the putting course. Well the latter only somewhat. The course itself wasn’t very interesting, but it was scenic. The resort seems to consist of several buildings. We lucked out and were assigned the main one by the courts and course.

I had hoped to come away with several bird photos, as they mention having a large number of exotic birds. But most were of the parrot variety and in cages. There was one free ranging flamingo. More interesting was the Green Heron we saw stalking the waters in the putting course. The Green Heron is one of my favorite birds and this might be the best photo I have so far.

Green Heron

Also, a very cool lizard:

At night, the resort is even prettier. I finally go to try out my new GorillaPod to take some night photos with my compact S90. It worked very well; I highly recommend it. That it fits in the pocket is even more awesome.

On our second night, none of the lights in the putting area were on, so no more night photos. But, we ran across several racoons foraging in the area. They didn’t seem too worried about us. I only managed to take a couple of photos and both came out pretty badly so not worth posting.

All in all, a nice getaway.

Photo Gallery

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