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May 2011 – Zilker Botanical Garden

I started this post almost a month ago. I’ll explain what took so long later.

Zilker Botanical Garden

Last month, the winds finally let up enough that we dared a visit to the Zilker Botanical Garden for some flower photos. We were last there in September 2009. As promised, I brought my telephoto lens instead of my wide-angle. This worked ok, but I will go back to the wide-angle next time. The only flowers I can’t get right up to are the ones in the water, which is just a handful. The telephoto can’t get enough of the flowers in focus for my taste.

Full Gallery

PRK Surgery

After years of waiting, I finally decided to just get laser vision correction 3 weeks ago. I went with PRK rather than LASIK, as it held fewer risks for me. This was sort of a letdown, as PRK is older and one of the reasons I had waited was for newer stuff to be proven. LASIK has a faster recovery time. Everything went fine, and the procedure itself took just a few minutes. The first week was pretty miserable as I was very sensitive to light, had to wear a protective contact lens, and everything was pretty fuzzy. After 4 days, I could see well enough to read text up close. The next day the doctor removed the lens. I tried to work the next day from home, but just wound up with eye strain. Two days later I went back to work full-time.

It will likely be at least another month before I clearly see everything. Text is my biggest issue right now. Signs, price tags, menus, etc. It’s essentially like having your eyes mildly dilated 24/7. Hence, I’m not on the computer much at home. I’ve been using my iPad mostly. It’s really been helpful, and much more pleasant to use than sitting in front of the computer. So no photography posts for awhile. Not a big deal, as I don’t get out much during the summer anyway. But missing May was disappointing. Even though most everything is blurry from a distance, it’s still much nicer than wearing glasses.

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  1. May 28, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Love that second shot the most, great job.

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