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Snapsort: Finding the perfect camera

In the past, I’ve used DP Review’s Feature Search to find the best camera. This has always been trying, at best. During the past 2 years, they’ve improved it a fair amount. The unique feature they offer is a rough search based on pixel density. The higher the density, the smaller the pixel, which degrades the image quality. However, there is still one feature that makes their search a pain to use, and that is the “Only current” parameter. This is supposed to exclude cameras that are discontinued. In reality you will wind up with a plethora of camera that are no longer easily obtainable, cluttering up your results, and leading to a general feeling of wanting to hit something.

Last month I came across a site called Snapsort. Their search features are absolutely perfect and the site is much easier on the eyes. They offer a precise pixel size parameter and you can specify the most recent release date to eliminate older cameras. Here is a search I created to find pocket cameras with high image quality. The beauty is in its simplicity. There are only 3 parameters:

  • Digicam (pocket camera)
  • Pixel size of at least 4 microns (micrometers)
  • Announced in the last 12 months

If I were looking for a new camera, my next step would be to read the reviews on dpreview. As of now, I have no interest in a new camera until there is one that also includes a GPS and something better than just a normal LCD screen. Built-in HDR or a much higher dynamic range would be really nice, too. Are you listening, Canon?

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