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Blog Refocus

To ring in the new year, I changed the blog’s theme and downsized from 3 columns to 2. I was rather tired of the Garland theme since I see it everyday at work. There are a couple of drawbacks. One is that the comments link is at the top of the post, rather than the bottom. I think this is really only a problem on the front page. If you’re reading an individual post or via RSS, it should be ok. The other problems is that this is a fixed-width theme. I intensely dislike these. I much prefer flexible-width to fill the screen. Unfortunately WordPress has few flexible themes from which to choose. So I just sucked it up and picked this one. Images will limited to 600 pixels wide. This should be fine, as most images I post link to my photo gallery.

I also intend to take advantage of WordPress’ Pages feature. This is the reason I switched from Blogspot in the first place. I hope this will allow me to move off some of the non-core posts to permanent pages.

The core of the blog will attempt to return to just photography: equipment,  birding, and vacation photos. I think this is what most people (ahem) are here for anyway. And this is shaping to be a Big trip year, so…. :)

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