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Squaw Valley vacation

Time travel back to the first week of March. Went back to Squaw Valley. I booked through Travelocity this time because they had a good deal and the Squaw site wasn’t giving me the correct deal. Also booked the shuttle to the resort through them. I wouldn’t do this again though. Convenient yes, but you don’t know what time they booked for you, so I had to call the shuttle company anyway. We flew AA this time and it went very well. The nice thing about AA is they have 757’s, which unless I’m mistaken, provide alot more legroom than Southwest’s planes.

Our flight landed at 1:50pm. The next shuttle left at 2, though we were scheduled for the 4:30. We hurried down to ground transportation to see if it had already left. It had, but the guy actually came back for us! This was so awesome. It saved us from having to wait 2.5 hours in the airport. However, if we hadn’t already booked and been in the system, we’d probably have to wait. Props for North Lake Tahoe Express! We managed to get there early enough to get our equipment so we wouldn’t have to take care of it in the morning.

Unfortunately for us, we got 18″ of snow over the next two days. Snow is fine, but the winds up on the mountain were strong enough that most of the lifts were closed. The one time we tried, they closed it after our first run down. So we spent almost all of the first two days on the bunny slope. It’s actually a pretty good slope. I got alot of practice and can now board properly, more or less.

On Day 3, we did cross-country skiing in the morning. There’s a shuttle that takes you from the Village to the Resort at Squaw Creek, which is where the Nordic Center is. That’s also where the snowshoes and dogsleds are. We took a lesson, since we’ve never done cross-country before. The guy was super nice and we really enjoyed it.

We managed to do the mountain run a few times. We even did a run in only 20 minutes! That was a record for us (it’s 3 miles, I think). I usually have to stop frequently, but since I improved we only stopped a little. Overall, not alot of riding on this trip due to the weather, and Doris was also sick-ish most of the time. So we slept and ate alot :)

Speaking of which, my memory was not bad about the village. I remembered last time we had alot of problems finding food at night. Most of the village shuts down between 5 and 6pm. Before, we used to night ski until late, so nothing much was open when we finished. But now, night skiing closes at 7 except on the weekend. We went to the little grocery store for food our first day, so we could eat breakfast in the room. We actually managed to eat at most of the restaurants this time around. I must note the Irish pub. It got poor reviews on Trip Advisor. With much trepidation we went. Twice. Once was crowded, once was not. Both times we got our food in 10 minutes. No complaints at all.

Totally out of order now. We stayed at the Squaw Valley Lodge, same as last time. Very empty the whole week, until Friday. Definitely recommend requesting a top floor, if you’re looking for supreme quietness as those ski boots are pretty loud. We also lucked out again, being in the same building as the sauna. The Lodge has multiple buildings so request the main one if possible. Full kitchen as well. Shower was hot. The only negative is the walk from the lodge to the Village and the lifts can get old. Try staying at the Village if you want true convenience. Yes, we’re spoiled.

I think that’s enough. All in all, it was great. It’s a little disappointing we didn’t get in alot of ski time, but this was the most relaxing vacation we’ve had, and for that I am very thankful.


To give you an idea of conditions, this was from the first clear day:

That’s Lake Tahoe in the back. You can see the clouds coming from the right side. This is from 15 minutes later:

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