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New bird blind at Pedernales Falls SP!

I’ve been trying to post this for the past week, but got distracted looking for a new cell phone. Such is life.

Last year, we were told they were looking at opening a new bird blind at Pedernales Fall State Park across from the other one. I had no idea of the time frame. On March 14, the weather finally warmed up and we stopped by. Where there used to be a clearing is now a bird blind! We were rather taken aback. Unlike the original blind, this one is made of metal. There were several piles of wood around the blind. The next step is to line the walls with the wood to make it look more natural and accomodating for our feathered friends. The blind is wider than the original, but not as deep (I think). As you’ll see in the photos, the windows are tilted to cut down on reflections. They are not tinted, so photography through the glass may be ok. There are currently no photographer holes. Nothing is definite but they are talking about putting holes around the blind at different heights. The side where I took the first photo is a gate, so that is still an option. The main reason they built this blind (any my favorite feature) is that it faces north. According to my limited knowledge that means the sun will always be facing the birds, so that would be the end of backlighting! I think the blind will be useable throughout most of the day and not covered by shade so early. Time will tell.

Speaking of time. All this has been done just over the past several weeks. In fact, the windows had just been delivered on Friday the 12th. The blind is scheduled to open on April 1. Afterwards, the old blind will be temporarily closed. IIRC, they are going to put up tilted windows as well, then reopen it. You can keep track of any updates via the park’s new Facebook page. They are one of the few state parks to have a page. They will also be posting updates such as when new birds arrive. For example, on March 18, they said the Golden Cheeked Warbler had arrived.

A big thank you for all the work this involved!

Outside view

Inside View

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  1. September 21, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    Glass is never ideal to shoot through. why dont they just put up a wall that you can stand behind with holes at different levels

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