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Let’s pretend it’s spring

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

After suffering through a major drought, we got tons of rain over the last month. Austin is so green right now it looks like spring!

Been two months since my last update… I’ve actually been fairly active, just not here.

Round Rock Express

Finally dragged myself out to a Round Rock Express game. Went to the final game of the season ($1 hot dogs and sodas!). (Re)learned that Lexus of Austin provides free parking for Lexus owners! That will never cover the premium I paid, but it’s a nice perk. Took my DSLR out there, of course, and had alot of fun. I used a 70-200mm lens, which was perfect, though a bit short for outfields shots. Going through the photos was a very nostalgic experience. I was really into baseball cards in high school, and working with these photos was like creating my own cards.


Austin Museum Day

Back in Sept. was Austin Museum Day. We decided to hit the town and enjoy culture. But we kind of suck it at, visiting only places that didn’t already charge for admission. First stop was Zilker Botanical Gardens, not even on the list! I had been wanting to go there for quite awhile. It was much bigger than I thought. In fact, we spent a couple of hours and didn’t even cover the whole thing (yes, there was much stopping for photos). Even at this time of year and with no rain, it was still beautiful. Oodles of butterflies, too. I did not take a tripod, which I will do next time. Parking is not free on the weekends. However, we parked under Mopac. As you are walking from that lot to the gardens, there is actually a back entrance on along the road. If we had actually seen it on the way there, it would have saved alot of walking.

Next stop was the ultra-close Austin Nature &  Science Center. Only visited the wildlife area. It’s very small but I think we actually enjoyed it more than the Austin Zoo. Missed some areas, but hunger was closing in.

After lunch, we tried to go to the Harry Ransom Center, but couldn’t find any convenient parking by campus, even on a Sunday. So we parked at the LBJ lot and went to the LBJ Museum. The first floor is a history of LBJ. Not really my thing, but it was surprisingly interesting. The second floor contains portraits of the all the Presidents and First Ladies. My favorite display was of some of the gifts that LBJ received in office from other countries. Very cool. Finally, we zipped up to the top floor, which was dedicated to Lady Bird. There is also a replica of the Oval Office.

Final stop was the Texas Natural Science Center. This place is awesome!. The first thing you see when you enter on the 2nd floor is the giant Texas Pterosaur. The rest of the room has various geology displays (cool rocks). The 3rd floor is for Texas wildlife. Think stuffed and mounted. It is quite dark, so crank up the ISO on your camera! The 4th floor was closed, unfortunately. Back down to the 1st floor, which was my favorite. Fossils! I don’t recall ever seeing fossil displays before, so it was really cool. I went photo happy here, and it’s not too dark, so getting a good photo isn’t that hard.

Ran out of time so we had to head home.

Collings Guitars

The following weekend I went with my dad to a tour of Collings Guitars. I’m not a guitar person, but this was actually really good. It’s a 1-2 hour tour into how the make guitars, step by step. Cameras are welcome, so I took a bunch of photos, of course. Recommended, but it’s only during weekdays.

That’s enough for today. I’ve been spending alot time looking into timeshares/vacation clubs. With the real-estate crash, prices have come way down, sometimes to literally nothing. I’ll talk more this next time.

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