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Montreal Moments – Part 3 (Photos)

Finally, I thought I would never get to these. Let’s get on with it!

Montréal Biodôme (gallery)

The first stop was the Montréal Biodôme. We were both looking forward to this alot. It’s similar to a zoo, but with clearly defined ecosystems.

The penguins were what I really wanted to see, since I’ve never seen any in real life. It’s somewhat of a hard area to shoot. Darkness is one problem. More of a problem is the temperatures behind the glass are much colder than the people temperatures so there is ALOT of condensation, meaning you have to move around to find a clear shot. But I got some good ones!

We were fortunate to have our visit overlap with a temporary exhibit of ring-tailed lemurs from Madagascar. We didn’t stay long, since we had alot of ground to cover, so didn’t get any near photos; they stayed at the back.

We spent a fair amount of time in the other ecosystems, the exception being the aquatic exhibits. They were obviously not as good as the Vancouver Aquarium’s tanks, so we saved some time by skipping those. The forest ecosystems are worth a special note. You need to stay here awhile and just relax and listen (if you can block out the kids). There are numerous species of animals and birds hidden. If you take the time to look around, you will keep finding more animals. This was when I regretted forgetting my 1.4x extender for my 70-200. There were more small birds than I expected. You can see my best photos in the gallery, but here’s one I’m proud of, if only because it took so long to get:

I was also quite happy to see a capybara, as they are no longer in the Austin Zoo.

Montréal Botanical Garden (gallery)

The Biodome ate up most of the afternoon, so we rushed over the Botanical Garden next door. This place is big. Due to us being late and the arrival of a thunderstorm, we only covered a portion. After zipping through the greenhouses (check gallery for photos), we occupied ourselves at the Chinese Garden. I could probably spend a few hours here. Very photo friendly.

I was particulary struck by the following photo, where you can see the contrast of new and old architecture. That’s the Montreal Tower you see on the left.

It’s rather late, so I’ll post this now, and save the final part 4 for later as I want to go into more detail for Old Montreal.

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