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We basically stayed in the downtown area, which makes travel convenient. You can cover alot of ground on foot, but the public transportation system is really good. The DayPass works well. $9 gets you travel for the day via bus, subway (SkyTrain), and ferry (SeaBus). You can make your life easier if you stop by one of the Visitor’s Centres. They can easily show you which bus routes to take and give recommendations, as well as discounted tickets. Other options are the “hop-on, hop-off” Big Bus, and the SmartVisit Card.

On the way out, we took a taxi to the airport. It’s not that much, and with 3 people, it’s even cheaper. Keep in mind there are no highways near downtown, so it takes awhile to get to a highway that will take you to the airport.


We stayed at the Georgian Court. Other than dizzying wallpaper in the hallway, no complaints. Very small lobby, though. It’s across the street from where they play the hockey games, but we didn’t hear anything; although we were facing the other direction. We chose this one as it’s closer to one of the Chinatown, but we didn’t wind up going. Next time I would stay more central, maybe the Fairmont :)


Food is so cheap! Cheap to start with, and then there’s added currency savings. First thing we did after settling in was look for food. We headed down Robson and stopped at Ezogiku Noodle Cafe. Massive noodle bowls and pretty good. Dinner was at Toyama Japanese Restaurant. All you can eat sushi for about $20 CAD. Lunch the following day was at F.M. Classic Pizza, which is right by the tourist center, IIRC. Dirt cheap and really good (2 huge slices and a soda for less than $4). You can’t eat there, but we stopped at Maple Delights, which is a store full of maple-based products. The staff was very friendly and let us try several samples. Dinner was at Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant. Hard to describe. The food was sort of bland, but in a good way. Not covered in brown sauce or anything like that. More just very healthful, but not terribly tasty.

Finally, there was an Orange Julius in the airport. How awesome is that?! First time I’ve had it since they left Abilene many many years ago.


Aside from just walking around, we only found time to hit two places. Stanley Park (including the Aquarium) and the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The park was neat, and if we go back during a warmer month, I would rent a bike to get around. I was looking forward to the totem poles, but they were a bit of a letdown. I was expecting something much larger. Most our time was spent in the aquarium. I thought it was a very good one and definitely enjoyed it. The bridge, not so much. It was neat, but I think it is overpriced. Alot of people online recommended the Lynn Canyon Park instead, which is free. I am not sure if public transit can get you there, though. Anyway, more totem poles at the bridge :) It really is kind of like Ewok Village, but not quite as elaborate :)

Oh, if you are on Robson Street at some point, which you should be, stop by the  library. It has a very cool design. There’s several places I did not get to go to that I would like to see. Next time…

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