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Trip Summary

More posts to follow later this month covering Vancouver and Whistler in detail.

While the trip went ok, it certainly could’ve been better. Timing is everything. Due to a variety of reasons, we missed our flight out of Austin. Great start, huh? We managed to fly standby (twice!) and got to Vancouver several hours later than planned. I think American Airlines has problems. They had so many flights delayed by an hour. Consequently, we were not able to get our snowboard equipment until the next day, which put us off schedule.

But Sunday was beautiful. The snow below midmountain on Blackcomb wasn’t that great so we went up to the peak after lunch and boarded down the mountain, which was awesome.

Monday, I walked around the village and attempted to take photos on the mountain. This was mostly a wasted day as the conditions were not good. Finally, I gave up and tried to go up to the peak. But just before I took off for the last lift, they closed it! So I had to go down from midmountain. It was snowing pretty good so visibility wasn’t great. I can deal with that, but in what became a recurring problem, the clouds here are VERY low. Trying to ski through a cloud yields virtually no visibility.

Tuesday morning, we skiied down Whistler, which was great! In the afternoon we took a tour of the area. More details on that later. It was ok, and we (well, they) needed the break. I caught a sinus infection (again!) on Monday, and it got worse as the day wore on. By Tuesday night I was pretty miserable.

Wednesday I felt bad and tired. Conditions outside were still yucky, so I just stayed inside all day. Lost day.

Thursday, we took a bus back to Vancouver and walked around downtown some. I was feeling better by now.

Friday, we toured Stanley Park, the aquarium, and one of the suspension bridges.

Saturday, we flew home with no problems.

Overall it was a decent trip. It’s difficult to pull off a good ski trip as you are at the mercy of the weather. I did not make good use of my time, though being sick certainly didn’t help. But I loved Canada, Whistler, and Vancouver. I consider this more of a scouting trip. I can’t wait to go back. The food everywhere was fantastic. I’m sure I spent more time eating than boarding. I really do enjoy just being up there, whether I’m boarding or not. But I’m done with late-season skiing, unless it’s just for a quick weekend.

Next year, I plan on going back to Squaw Valley.

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  1. April 6, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    Sinus infection? Jeez….what miserable timing :-( If it makes you feel any better, I took last Thursday off due to one too! Wait a second……

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