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Austin Zoo

Yesterday we did a quick trip out to the Austin ‘Zoo’ (it’s more of a wildlife refuge). It was absolutely packed. If you go here for photos, you will be disappointed. There is simply too much wire between you and the animals. It’s definitely more of a kid thing. That said I did still enjoy it, but won’t be going back again for several years. I was pretty disappointed the capybarras were no longer there. Looking forward to the San Antonio zoo later this year. The Abilene zoo is also pretty good, fyi.

The 70-200 lens did well, though it didn’t seem extremely sharp like I was expecting. But, I haven’t processed the photos yet and it was my first time with it. It was definitely nice having something lighter than the 300 f4. Unfortunately, the 17-55 didn’t make it out of the bag.

Doris took me to a pre-launch demo of the Nintendo DSi at GameStop tonight (I’m not a portable gamer person). It was kind of neat, though alot fewer people than I was expecting. A lady from Nintendo had 5 units on hand to play with. The bigger screen is nice and Doris said the sound was better. FWIW.

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