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TRF and Shopping

December 1, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

First, we did go to the Renaissance Festival on the 16th. Met Michele and Brian there. Weather was pretty good, but a little cool. As Michele mentioned, people didn’t really seem that “into it” this year, which does take away some of the feeling. I finally got to see The Other Brothers again, which I’m happy about. The Ded Bob Show got moved out of The Odeon and into the much smaller Globe Stage. I am shocked, as the DBS was always packed. Cast in Bronze, I was not very impressed with. And really, it’s way too loud. Arsene wasn’t that great. Sound & Fury was new (I think) and very good. REALLY not for the kids though.

That is the end of ‘vacation’ season. Went home for Thanksgiving. Best drive I can remember, as many of the trees actually changed colors this year! My dad and I drove out to one of the nearby windfarms around Abilene. Now that I know where one of them is, there will be photos. Maybe not at Christmas, as it tends to be cold :)

Been busy of late doing lots of online shopping. Normally, not a big deal, but I’m building a new computer. Again. I was really hoping to just buy a Dell or something, but the OEM’s are so far behind the curve in current technology, I just did it myself. Even though I went with something that wasn’t the most current, it’s still better than buying a prebuilt one and alot cheaper. Also looking for a good deal on a PS3, but there’s virtually nothing. The best was Dell offering 15% off a couple of weeks ago. While there will be some game playing, I’m getting it mostly for the BluRay player and as a media player to replace my current HTPC. Also thinking about asking for a new MP3 player for Christmas :) AND looking at upgrading my XTi to a 40D. Would still like a used 5D, but prices are still too high. There won’t be much phototaking in the near future anyway.

Finally, looking at netbooks too. The Samsung NC 10 is great, but expensive. The Lenovo S10 seems to be the best fit, once they include a bigger battery. The Samsung is also not available in stores to try out, which is a big no-no. I would rather have an Eee or something with Linux, since I will have an extra XP license, but I’ve read the Eee’s have poor wireless performance compared to the above mentioned netbooks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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