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Lost Maples State Natural Area

November 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Another rushed ‘vacation’… By all accounts, the colors at Lost Maples were the best in years. So Sunday (8th), we drove down to Pedernales, ate dinner in Fredricksburg, then continued on to stay the night in Kerrville. The next morning we drove down to LM, hiked, shot photos and drove back. That’s the short story. Read on…

TPF members posted some photos from Pedernales showing color there, too, so we decided to make a stop. Plus I had wanted to reshoot Twin Falls. That turned into a chore, as we couldn’t find the right path to get to Twin Falls, despite the fact the trail is only like 0.25 miles long! In the end, it was something of a bust. With little rainfall this year, it wasn’t that interesting. I kept one or two photos, but I won’t go back again until we get some good rains. The Beach Area was very nice, although by this time it was almost dark. I still got several good photos (I think I forgot to post them. I’ll do that later). Saw several deer on the way out, which is unnerving when driving.

We ate at Silver Creek in Fredricksburg. It was good, but the sausage was very very salty. We also had the bright idea of trying beer since we were in a ‘German’ restaurant (we both don’t like beer). I’ve never tasted beer, the smell alone is enough to drive me off. We got the sampler and it was baaad. We managed to drink 3 of the 5 samples. The only decent one was the wheat-based beer. I don’t know how people drink beer <shudder>…

Stayed at the LQ Inn & Suites (I’m getting points now) in Kerrville. Very nice, as usual. Monday morning was pretty dreary and windy, not good photo conditions. To get to LM, we took 27/39 through Ingram. I really enjoyed this part of the drive. The roads were empty and beautiful. Very scenic. In fact, my favorite photo was from a rest area here. Next time, I would like to just stop along the river (?) and walk around there. I was quite amused by the one-lane bridges with traffic lights.

We got rained on while taking 187 for the final stretch. I have a Park Pass, so I didn’t need to stop at the office for a permit, which was great. I wasn’t sure where to park. Doris prodded me to go further in, since I was wary that they were all filled up. But as usual, she was right. Parking was plentiful. The filled spaces at the entrance were simply the people going to the office for a pass.

The bird blind was not built for photographers, but still got some decent shots and the birds are used to people. We walked over to the East Trail and went counter-clockwise. It was beautiful. I never seen leaf colors like that. Just great! However, I do not recommend taking the trail up the mountain. There’s not alot to see and it is hard, esp. if you have a backpack full of camera stuff.

We took 337 back home. While pretty, there’s more traffic and it’s much more winding. I prefer the northern route.

Huh, not much actually said about LM itself. But if the colors are out, it’s highly recommended, just make sure you go on a weekday. Weekend waits can be up to 3 hours. And besides, you don’t want all those people in your photos :)

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll add photos to the post later. Most photos are in my gallery. I’ll add more tomorrow.

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