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Lackland Airfest

November 15, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Drove to San Antonio for this one. I35 is in bad shape, not a fun ride for me. The highway signage in San Antonio is very good, much better than Houston.

Parked and took the shuttle, though it wasn’t very far. After the show, I just walked back. I got there early enough that the crowd was light and it wasn’t too hard to get decent photos of static displays (planes on the ground). Finding a good place to shoot from was easy, too. I’m amazed that people just set up their chairs and stuff and go wonder off for a long time. I’m too paranoid to do that, but maybe it’s not a problem here. Very neat.

The weather started out clear, but once the clouds rolled in, shooting conditions became very difficult. Still, I did a fairly good job compensating having done this once before. Just overexpose every shot and you’re good.

I only took my 300mm lens and a 1.4x converter which made for an interesting experience. With a 1.6x crop camera, 300 is pushing it when you’re at the front, for the close fly by’s. On a full frame camera, it would be perfect. Anything longer than 400 is too much, I think. If something is that far away, haze and heat waves become a factor. 70-300 is a perfect fit, but the autofocus isn’t that great for airshows. 100-400 would works, as would 70-200 with or without a 1.4x. I used the 1.4x sometimes for the small planes, but I would probably not use it again with this lens for this airshow (larger planes than Bluebonnet).

More photos

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