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I hate Photoshop Elements

November 11, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I tried version 6 a long time ago. It sucked beyond anything. I just downloaded version 7 and it is still just as bad. It was obviously written someone(s) who doesn’t use Windows AND has no common sense. As a software developer, I am happy to criticize other program. This POS ranks right up there with QuickTime as how to do everything possible, WRONG. Maybe someday I will detail all the problems. I’ve thought about doing it before, but honestly, when I realize how long the list would I find something better to do. I mean if you can’t get it right after 6 or 7 versions, where’s hope?

I recently reskinned the site to be the same as the Drupal 5 theme and in the process removed the Search box. Fixed it now, sorry about that.

Quick notes. I did make it to the Lackland Airfest. Another last minute trip. Couldn’t decide if I was going until the night before. Almost done with photos, and will add another post soon.

This past weekend was a mad rush down to Lost Maples and back. I had hoped to spend a few days in the area and meet up with a fellow birder I met at Hornsby, but our schedule was so tight, it would’ve been too difficult. If you want to go to Lost Maples, go ASAP. The weather the past few days has blown off alot of leaves, though it’s still a beautiful sight for this previous West Texan. Will post on that trip too.

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