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Weekend Wrapup

October 22, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Perfect weather this weekend. Saturday, I awoke early, so went down to Hornby again. Nothing of particular interest. There was a flock of American Avocets that were determined to stay on the opposite of the pond from me. Several Eastern Bluebirds (at the entrance of course), with one really good photo that I will post later. It’s a beautiful bird, one of my favorites. Sparrows are starting to arrive en masse. Several Eastern Phoebe’s, one decent photo there. Monk Parakeets finally seen through a scope, as they were extremely far away. I also got reacquainted with a couple of birders whom I hope to meet up with more. As one said, it’s difficult to find someone in our generation, at least on these birding tours, anyway.

The highlight of the day was a Red-shouldered Hawk I saw when I was almost home. He posed for a long time, so several photos there. Finally, a decent hawk photo!

In the afternoon, we drove out to Pedernales. Not much going on in the bird blind. One phoebe and some cardinals. Doris had the bright idea to look at the log book. Turns out nothing we hadn’t really seen before. We looked back to the spring, and the bird count is much more interesting there. So no trip back there for birds until the spring. We did see two Great Blue Heron’s down at the River. Was pretty dark, so managed to get close to them for a couple of decent photos… at ISO 1600. Wish I had a 5D….

Sunday we went to Maker Faire. OMG, everybody has an SLR. Everytime I go to an event, I see more and more people with an SLR. I regretted only bringing my P&S. I mean there weren’t that many photo ops, but it would’ve been nice, especially for indoors. We somehow missed all the robot wars. :P For some of the big attractions, like the Mentos/Soda fountain and the Mousetrap, bleachers would’ve been very nice. There were too many people, and no way for everyone to see. Other than it was great. Lots of free stuff, and the DIY robot demos were pretty neat. Got lots of info if I ever find the time to do get into that area. I don’t know that I would want to go back every time they come to Austin (if they do), but I’d like to go back at least once more with my SLR :)

Photos later!

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