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Marble Falls Lakefest

Finallly getting around to posting this. I went to Marble Falls Lakefest again, as I mentioned earlier. And again, it was brutally hot.


Personally, I recommend the 70-300 or even better, a 70-200 with a 1.4x extender. I flip-flopped between the 70-300 and the 300 f4. While the latter has obvious advantages, the IS isn’t that great, which is a problem when panning. Also, with the smaller field of view (at least on a 1.6x crop camera), it becomes more difficult to get the giant rooster tail of the fastest boats in the frame.

Shooting RAW, I filled 8 GB of memory cards. I know how to be more selective next time (don’t shoot after they get far away :)

While you can’t take a cooler, bring as much water as you can. I brought two bottles, bought 2-3 more, and had one gifted to me by friendly photographers. AND I was still dehyrdated, since I was out there from about 8-4. Of course, bring lots of sunscreen. Bugs are not a problem. Yay!

Location and Time

Mornings are relatively cool, but if you are on the north shore (the offical site), the sun is in front of you and there’s alot of glare of the water. You can shoot from the south shore, but it’s an RV park, so you’ll have to pay. Although I’m not sure if you have to have a press pass or not. Then you’ll need to pay again to go the north shore. At any rate, by afternoon, my pictures improved alot with the sun glare mostly gone.

Saturday is definitely the day to go. The races are pretty much non-stop so you get lots of shots. I remember on Sunday last year that the time between races was very long, since qualifying was done.


Everyone I met was great. I met two people from Texas Hill Country Rambling (the water gifters), Scott Perry, the guy who photographs all these races, and another nameless person who I loaned my 1.4x to. He had the 70-200 2.8, but it was a bit too short. I think I sold him on the 1.4x :)

Looking forward to next year. I didn’t know about the wakeboard demos. That was pretty neat, and since they are right next to the shore, you can get some great shots. I only had one due to full memory cards.

Gallery of photos

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