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Palmetto State Park

On Memorial Day, I drove down to Palmetto State Park, since it’s pretty close. It’s also supposed to be a birding hotspot, but I think I went too late in the year, as I didn’t see or even hear much anything except the usual suspects. My best photo was of a reptile. One warning is when you drive through Luling. There is nothing wrong with your car; it’s the smell of sulphur from the oil wells (or something like that). My favorite part of the drive is the area south of I10, just before the park. It’s like a totally different country, very swamplike and cool.

The park itself is actually fairly small. I managed to cover all the trails in maybe 3 hours, with alot of stopping. The ultra-short office trail was pretty nice. That’s where I found my lizard and a woodpecker. The Lake Trail is ok, nothing of particular note. The Palmetto Trail is more swamplike. I saw no wildlife at all. The ponds on the trail were mostly dry due to a severe lack of rain lately. The River Trail was nice, pretty secluded. There are some branches on the trail not shown on the map, so it’s a little confusing, but alright. The longest of the trails is the Hiking Trail, clocking in at 1.25 miles. This was also had a couple of non-mapped branches and a closure.

This would be a good place to hit up when fall migration starts. It must be on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail for a reason.

I stopped in Lockhart on the way back as the Caldwell County Courthouse caught my eye. Took some resolution panorama photos of it, which turned out very well. Also talked to an elderly gentleman who was looking for a war monument with the names of people who died in the war (WW2, I think). Apparently it had been moved though, as we weren’t able to find it.

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