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Southeast Metropolitan Park

This was my first of 3 stops over the Memorial Day Weekend. The Southeast Metropolitan Park is a relatively new County Park. Texas Hiking has additional information on the trails. I set out on Saturday morning. Even though I arrived between 9 and 10, the heat index was brutal. Just standing, I was already drenched. The park entrance is at a traffic light, but just after a hilltop, so be sure you are in the left lane and alert, if you are coming from the west. To get to the trails, drive all the way to the back.

Naturally, I headed straight for the Wildlife Trail, as there was supposed to be a birding blind. This is a rather primitive trail, so wear hiking boots and jeans are a plus. Lots of ups and downs, so you’ll get your exercise despite the short length of the trail. As for the blind itself, well, I didn’t take a picture, but it helps to be short. It overlooks a small lake/pond, Water levels were somewhat low, as we haven’t had much rain lately. I stood around for awhile, but didn’t see anything but a lone heron or egret flying off at the far end. A few dragonflies and damselflies, of course. This is probably more of a winter spot for ducks and shorebirds.

I backtracked and then went up to the first Overlook. You can see downtown, but it’s not that interesting of a view. Maybe at sunset. A few more egrets flying overhead. I continued on to the next lake. Nothing here but crows. I went on a little further but had to turn back due to time.

This trail was actually more interesting for me than the Wildlife trail, as I managed to get upclose with a lizard, dragonflies, and had a close encounter with a small rodent. There’s several wildflowers and cactus (with flower), so bring a tripod and a telephoto or macro lens for some good shots. Don’t forget the BUGSPRAY!

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