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Bluebonnet Air Show

Made a last minute decision to attend Burnet’s Bluebonnet Air Show. The last time I went to an air show was back in high school, to see the Dyess show. Burnet is not Abilene, however, so this was a much smaller show and I wasn’t sure if it would be very good. After about an hour drive, I arrived. Wow, small :) These are mostly WW2 planes (props). I will go ahead and say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, though. I spent an hour just walking around taking photos of the planes on the ground before they launched. I met a fellow TPF‘er (the one who originally posted about the show) and talked to him for awhile and met another dude with a big-ass lens.

The nice thing about prop planes is that they don’t move that fast. Still, out of 600+ shots, more than 500 of those didn’t pan out. Speaking of panning, this was the first chance I got to use the panning mode on my telephoto lens. Seems to work pretty well, amazingly. The camera/lens doesn’t write which mode is being used, so I can’t compare mode 1 shots with mode 2 and see if there’s a difference.

Biggest lesson learned is to use a slow shutter speed to catch the blur of the propeller. Otherwise, it’s frozen, and it looks like you took a photo of a model air plane :P

I’m looking forward to going again next year. Now I’ve got my practice in for Lakefest! Have a look at the photos!

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