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Day 5 – Salt Lake City

I was pretty excited about this day, looking forward to touring the city and seeing the sights. Unfortunately, things got off the wrong foot before we even left Austin, as the Kennecott Mine was not opening for another 2 weeks. I had really wanted to see that.

The shuttle that picked us up from the lodge came an hour later than expected (good thing we called to confirm). This means we did not make our first stop in time, which was the Mormon Tabernacle. Their weekly broadcast is at 9:30am. But it is unlikely we could’ve gotten in anyway. Turns out this weekend was the one of the semi-annual General Conferences, so all of Temple Square was packed full. We took the tour which was very good. There were pairs of young ladies from all over the world; they gave the tours and you would periodically get asked where you were from, explanation of the conference, etc. Super nice people, but does get a bit old after talking to like 20 people :)

Anyway, there was quite alot to see. By the time we hiked up to see the State Capitol (ALL UPHILL), it was past lunchtime. That leads to the next difficulty. No restaurants. There was a Subway but it was closed. We had to go back to where we parked to find the food. I was expecting more places to eat, but it worked out well. We at a late lunch at Caffe Molise, which was really good.

By now, it’s 3pm. Getting pretty late to drive out to Antelope Island. Doris made a good suggestion to check-in at our La Quinta so we don’t have to find it in the dark. Now the fun begins. While downtown was great, trying to get on 215 was a major PIAA. Do you see the problem? There are little to no on-ramps or frontage roads. We kept dead-ending. We did finally find one, but the signage put us on the wrong street. There’s not a perfect image of Google’s StreetView, but this is pretty close. There are two streets right next to each other. You’re supposed to take the second one. The first one, which we took, takes you to a trainyard-type thing. But we weren’t alone; some other poor lost soul followed us faithfully. We all drove around the blcok to try again. Yes, by now we are trying to get on 15. Hey, whatever works. There were other difficulties ahead, but we did finally get to the sorry excuse for a La Quinta. Maybe it’s nice inside, but the outside was very dingy. There were less than a handful of cars. By now, I’ve had it. I called the La Quinta at the airport, made a reservation there and cancelled this one.

We’ve also managed to put a few miles on the car so we thought to fill up before we returned the car. Yes, we’d given up on any more touring. Next problem. No gas stations. Well there were two. One was packed and shady, and the other was just shady. Unreal, all that driving and no real gas stations. We drove back to the airport and dropped off the car at Alamo, gas charges be damned (turns out we didn’t get charged; thumbs up for Alamo).

Waited for the shuttle to come take us to the hotel. No show. Called the hotel and turns out they were severely understaffed and didn’t have anyone to run the shuttle. She told us to take a taxi and she would pay for it. The hotel itself was wonderous. By far and wide the nicest La Quinta I’d ever stayed in. Good contintenal breakfast. Highly recommended. The poor girl that was working there was fantastic. We stayed in the rest of the night and watched Unbeatable Banzuke (hey, we don’t have cable). Doesn’t hold a candle to MXC, though.

The next day the shuttle took us back to the airport, and the driver even refused to take a tip. We got on the plane and came home. Vacation over. whew.

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