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Snowbird – Day 4

STILL tired. But I was determined to make it to the backside (Mineral Basin) via the Peruvian Tunnel. More apprehension as some of the skiers I had talked to said it was a little difficult. But I didn’t have any problems, and I think my favorite runs were over there. Granted, I got stuck in deep, pure powder and had to frog my way out, but it was fun! :) The tunnel was definitely different. That’s about all I can say. If you’re expecting something awe-inspiring, you’re out of luck. Was so much easier getting off it instead of a chair, though. Finished the day off with a blue on the front side and called it quits on a good note. Although it was quite a hike back to the lodge.

Speaking of the lodge, Iron Blosam is a timeshare. So basically, you reserve your nights, but there’s a chance you might have to move on Saturday (and Sunday?) to accomodate timeshare peoples. I had forgotten and called the front desk that night. No move required! yay!

Overall, it went well. I don’t really recommend this for first-timers. Although, there was a large green section that we didn’t visit; maybe it’s easier there. I rather doubt we will go back again to Snowbird just because there’s so many other resorts out there to try.

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