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Snowbird – Day 1

I’m actually writing this a week after the fact, but using the original date to keep things from getting confusing :)

We (Doris and a friend) left for Salt Lake City this morning for a few days of snowboarding. The trip was booked at Snowbird since they are still open in April and more importantly, still have night skiing in April. Everything went extremely smoothly. We didn’t have to wait for our luggage when we got off the plane, and the shuttle from Canyon Transportation picked us up almost immediately to whisk us off to the Iron Blosam. Although I was a little apprehensive since there was no snow in SLC. But as we made the trek up the mountain, everything was covered in white!

After picking up our gear at Christy’s (discount for renting online), we hunkered down for a nap. Little did we realize at the time this was probably the first symptom of mild altitude sickness.

Well, the night skiing turned out to be a wash. I didn’t read the details, and you can only ski on the bunny slope. Pretty disappointing, considering that last year we could ski down the entire mountain at Squaw Valley.

Finally, the one thing I didn’t like about the hotel: heat. The showers were warm, but that’s about it. The sauna didn’t even measure up to a Texas heat wave. The shower I tried by the sauna was cold. The flip side: the steam room was great and the shower for rinsing next to it was blazing hot. We also didn’t need to turn on the heat for the room. My favorite thing about the lodge was the inclusion of a vaporizer! It’s the little things.

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